How to Join ATCON – Application Procedure

To join ATCON, please follow the instruction below


Step 1

Download Application for here ATCON Membership Registration Form (249)

Step 2

Check Registration and Annual Membership Fees below

Step 3

Make Payment to Our bank Account as indicated below

Step 4

Scan and send by email the completed form along with proof of payment to

Bank Account Information

Annual Dues


Membership Category

**Registration Fee

Membership Annual Due

1 Telephone Operators N250,000.00 N250,000.00
2 Manufacturers N250,000.00 N250,000.00
3 Infrastructure Providers N100,000.00 N100,000.00
4 Equipment Dealers N50,000.00 N50,000.00
5 Internet Service Providers (ISP) N100,000.00 N100,000.00
6 Value Added Service Providers (VASP) N100,000.00 N100,000.00
7 Consulting N50,000.00 N50,000.00

**For clarity, new members have to pay one-off registration fee and membership annual dues