Membership Information

Membership shall be open to incorporated bodies or persons actively engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing, operating, retailing, advising and or otherwise providing telecommunications products and/ or services, or any business complimentary thereto, subject to the conditions that:

  • The applicant shall be a registered corporate or business entity;
  • The applicant shall be a good corporate citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;
  • The applicant shall be recommended by two financial members of the Association, both of who shall vouch for suitability of the applicant for membership, and shall themselves have fulfilled all obligations of membership.
  • The candidate shall submit a duly completed application form and shall meet and satisfy any and all conditions that the Association may from time to time stipulate.
  • All members shall be responsible to pay such membership fees and annual dues as may be determine from time to time by the National Executive Council of the Association.

Corporate Representation

  • Corporate members of the Association shall be responsible at meetings or events organised by the Association by their Chief Executive Officer or such other employee of the member as shall be nominated or designated for that purpose and notified to the secretariat.
  • A representative who ceases to be in the employment of a member automatically ceases to represent that member in the Association, and the member shall forthwith notify the Secretariat of the Representative’s departure and of the nomination and name of the new Representative.
  • Where a member is suspended, expelled or resigns from the Association, its representative shall stand automatically suspended, expelled or presumed to have resigned notwithstanding any other position which such a person might hold in the Association.

Membership Obligations

  • All members are bound by the provisions of this Constitution and all amendments, additions or alterations thereto, and shall abide by the final decisions of the Association notwithstanding their individual opinions.
  • All members shall pay the annual dues and levies determine from time to time by the Association in a General Meeting, which said sum, shall become due and payable immediately on the 1st. day of January of every financial year.
  • Any member that fails to pay the annual membership fee within the year shall be subject to a penalty amounting to 20% of the outstanding fees.
  • Any member that fails to pay it annual dues for two (2) consecutive years stands automatically suspended from membership of the Association until receipted payment of all outstanding dues and penalties.


  • Any act by a member of the Association that is contrary to the interest of the Association or capable of bringing the Association or any member of the Association into disrepute or affecting the solidarity of the Association negatively shall be referred to the disciplinary Committee, which shall investigate the matter.
  • A member whose acts are under investigation under Article 11.6.1 above shall be suspended during the investigation proceedings, provided that the said suspension shall stand for no longer than a period of six (6) months at the end of which the disciplinary Committee shall –
(a)    Extend the period of suspension for a maximum period of three (3) months,
(b)   Expel the member, and or
(c)    Impose a fine in an amount to be determined from time to time by the disciplinary committee.
  • A decision by the disciplinary committee to expel a member from the Association shall be subject to confirmation by no less than two thirds of the members of the Association present and voting at a General Meeting.
  • A member whose conduct is being investigated shall be given sufficient opportunity to appear and make representations to the Disciplinary Committee on the allegations made against it.


  • A member wishing to resign from the Association shall give written notice to the National Executive Council but shall not thereby be entitled to refund of any membership dues paid.
  • Any member who resigns or is expelled shall upon his expulsion or resignation cease to have any interest in the funds or properties of the Association.
  • Any member who resigns or is expelled from the Association may, on the recommendation of the National Executive Council, be readmitted into the Association, on the vote of a majority of members present and voting at a General Meeting PROVIDED THAT a member who is expelled shall not be entitled to re-apply for membership of the Association within three years of being expelled.

How to Join ATCON – Application Procedure

To join ATCON, please follow the instruction below;


Step 1

Download Application for here ATCON Membership Registration Form (249)

Step 2

Check Registration and Annual Membership Fees here

Step 3

Make Payment to Our bank Account as indicated below

Step 4

Scan and send by email the completed form along with proof of payment to

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